LA DIFERENTE salsa band

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Band - The band is pure groove and energy, was acclaimed in every concert and nobody could resist to dance!

Cosa offriamo

La Diferente is pure groove, energy and brimming over with life! Until now, the band was acclaimed in every concert and nobody could resist to dance! La Diferente is mixed up out of some of the most outstanding young talents of Switzerland (e.g. Ticino, Berne, Lucerne). This ambitious project was started and is still led by Freddy Benitez, the man, who knows the Swiss salsa scene like no other. As a highschool graduate (studied in Lucerne) with ecuadorian background, he knows, how to build an ambitious team and to raise the musical quality of the collective as much as the joy and passion of every bandmember.

Do you have a big birthsday-party, a wedding or some other party in the near future, where you want to get your people have fun and dance? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will suffuse you with that latinamerican energy and exhilaration you are looking for!

Numero di membri: 9

Lingue parlate: Tedesco, Inglese, Italiano, Francese, altro

Punto di partenza: Zürich (CH)

Viaggiamo fino a: 300 km

Adatto per: Evento Club, Festival

Durata intrattenimento: da 1 ora 20 minuti a 2 ore

Impianto audio: Abbiamo un impianto del suono fino a 300 persone

Impianto luci: Non l'abbiamo

Prezzo da 2600 CHF fino a 3200 CHF

Termini di cancellazione: Standard