Back Lash

da 2400 CHF

Band - Vorband von Inner Circle, Wailers, feat. Andrew Robinson

Cosa offriamo

Reggae Power auf internationalem Niveau, charismatische, authentische Leadstimme, satte Backing Vocals, schneidende Bläsersätze und eine fette Rhythm Section. 10 Personen mit eigenem Techniker, deshalb nur für mittelgrosse bis grosse Bühnen geeignet. Geeignetes PA vorhanden.

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Numero di membri: 10

Lingue parlate: Tedesco, Inglese, Francese

Punto di partenza: Zürich (CH)

Viaggiamo fino a: 200 km

Adatto per: Party, Compleanno, Evento Club, Festival

Durata intrattenimento: da 2 ore

Impianto audio: Abbiamo un impianto del suono fino a 3000 persone

Impianto luci: Non l'abbiamo

Prezzo da 2400 CHF fino a 3400 CHF

Termini di cancellazione: Standard

Per suonare abbiamo bisogno di: Technischer Rider unter:

Das Repertoire von Back Lash besteht zu 60% aus SOngs von Andrew Robinson, speziell arrangiert für Back Lash, und zu 40% aus Reggae Klassikern und von Back Lash neu arrangierten Hits der letzten 30 Jahre.
Sharing the stage at Montreux Jazz with the original Wailers. What sounds like the stoned dream of every Bob Marley wannabe performer from Kingston to Cape Town, became a reality for the Swiss reggae formation Back Lash in 2001. After reaching this climax fifteen years ago, things got quiet and Back Lash took a four-year break. Since then, they changed lead singers several times and in 2012 tried to regain their momentum with charismatic lead singer Andrew Robinson from Jamaica handling the mic. With a new singer, but with the same old chilled out vibes, Back Lash is yet again a force to be reckoned with.
All demo tracks are originals by Andrew Robinson @ , played and co-arranged by Back Lash, mixed by Mike Müller & Kriz Flueler @
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