David Robert Callahan

Nouvel album le 19 octobre

Band Neuchâtel
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Neuchâtel (CH) Viaggiamo fino a: 100 km

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After ten years as a drummer in different hardcore and post-hardcore bands, David Robert Callahan decided to put his acoustic side-project to the fore. While playing the last two years in a band he began in 2001 to write songs with his brother's guitar. These were first infulenced by Alice in Chains' Jar of Flies EP and other records by Pearl Jam. Then he discovered Neil Young, Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, Hank Williams and other great singer-songwriters.

Pictures, moments and places are the inspiration. David Robert Callahan gives what his fingers and his voice translate. Picturesque words meet sounds and create stories.

Released in 2009 « Down the Line » already used these themes. The new album « Along the Wires » (October 19th. 2012) explores this same world and goes even further.
Recorded in a wooden house and an old wash house, this LP makes wood, water, stones, roads and buildings speak.

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