Genetic Dysfunction

Musicista - Acid, House, Dub, Analog, Improvisation

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Genetic Dysfunction was born from the meeting between St.Paul and David Scrufari in 1990. As for Jean-Loup Ribordy (keyboard) and Vicky Peters (vocals), they joined the live band in the psychedelic acid trance style a few months later. On December 31, 1995, the live band U.V.W. (new name of Genetic Dysfunction) was born within the Cyberpunk Movement and the founders left it in 1997.

In 2009, St.Paul returned to the helm of Genetic Dysfunction and was joined by Sick Spud from 2010 to 2015.

A real fusion between computers, analogical and digital instruments, Genetic Dysfunction offers an improvised show mixing downtempo, house, techno, acid and psychedelic goa trance sounds to deliver a real live experience. Original organic music that takes the audience on a real journey through the best of electronic music.

Two years of research have enabled St.Paul to achieve an assumed improvisation, a totally spontaneous creation, in short, immediacy erected as art.

An artistic exposure that inspires the dancefloor according to the alchemy born of the present moment. Here, there is no time to raise your arms because the set does not consist in pressing the "play" button, but in a real technical jam-session, engaging and powerful in communion with the audience.

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Numero di membri: 1

Lingue parlate: Francese

Punto di partenza: Basse-Nendaz (CH)

Viaggiamo fino a: 300 km

Adatto per: Party, Evento Club, Festival

Impianto audio: Non l'abbiamo

Impianto luci: Non l'abbiamo

Prezzo fino a 1130 CHF

Termini di cancellazione: Standard

Per suonare abbiamo bisogno di: a good audio system & 4 monitoring with sub bass, a stable power & 2 stage platform of 2m x 1m

Slowmo psychedelic acid house improvisation Live