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Band - Red lemon opens the doors of his factory and invites you to discover an electralogic rock

Cosa offriamo

Our band only plays his own tunes

We propose a concept based on a mix between numeric and analogic technics

That way we're creating on stage and in real time some sounds, samples, acoustic treatments on which we add 2 guitars, a drums and a voice

Each tune has his own identity, his own research and is a part of the set we're playing.

We wish you a good listening

RED LEMON picture

Numero di membri: 3

Lingue parlate: Inglese, Francese

Punto di partenza: Genève (CH)

Viaggiamo fino a: 300 km

Adatto per: Evento Club, Festival, Evento Stagionale

Durata intrattenimento: da 1 ora a 1 ora 30 minuti

Impianto audio: Non l'abbiamo

Impianto luci: Non l'abbiamo

Prezzo da 750 CHF

Termini di cancellazione: Standard

Per suonare abbiamo bisogno di: Red Lemon n'a pas besoin de retours, le groupe utilise son propre système de monitoring.

A part la sono nous avons notre matériel complet (micros inclus)

Nous ne jouons que des chansons originales.